James Harden Heaps Praise On Meek Mill Ahead Of “Expensive Pain” Release


James Harden Heaps Praise On Meek Mill Ahead Of “Expensive Pain” Release

The friendship between James Harden and Meek Mill is no secret. 

The two have been seen together in the club countless times and have been linked to the silliest things, like Harden tickling Meek on video, and more-serious things, like Harden visiting the Philly rapper in prison and rocking “Free Meek” sneakers on the court. 

Today, just one day before Meek’s fifth studio album, Expensive Pain, is released to the masses (check the handwritten tracklist here), the Brooklyn Nets superstar sat down with Rap Caviar to explain what makes Meek Mill so special to him. 

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Dissecting the parallels between hoop careers and rap careers, Harden said both he Meek do what they do for the love of the game. 

“Some people do it because it’s like a gift, the money or fame you get out of it,” Harden explained. “Some people, like myself, love to hoop. I’ll do it without the money. Meek one of them dudes … one thing about Meek — he loves to rap. Like, loves to rap.” 

Shifting his focus from Meek’s work ethic to the upcoming Expensive Pain, Harden said it’s “One of them ones.”

“I been knowing Meek and listening to Meek for a very long time and Meek ’bout to drop. He got a tape that’s about to be one of the best ones he’s put out.” 

That’s high praise coming from a guy who’s one of the very best at what he does. And it’s also high praise coming from a guy always hanging out with Travis Scott and Lil Baby. 

Harden obviously thinks the world of Meek and his upcoming project but the real question is what do you think? Are you smashing the play button when Expensive Pain drops tonight at midnight? Let us know in the comments. 

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