Blacc Zacc Unveils New Single “Dirty Money”


Blacc Zacc Unveils New Single “Dirty Money”

South Carolina has been a hub for some of the hardest rappers in the past few years. It’s in part due to the success of the South Coast Music Group camp and Arnold Taylor’s high standard in picking up new talent. In 2019, the label picked up on Blacc Zacc, who DaBaby has previously described as an artist that pushes him to go harder on the mic.

Zacc has been rather quiet over the past year with the exception of his collaborative project with DME, Walk Down Gang. However, he returned this week with a brand new banger called, “Dirty Money.” Produced by Neeko Baby, Zacc delivers an infectious ode to the trap house. 

Check out the latest from Blacc Zacc below. 

Quotable Lyrics
How you wanna talk to me? Lil n***a y’aint got no bands
You broke, that’s what you tellin’ me,
You cry, you ain’t got no celery
Hellcat do 200, in the car, ain’t no trailin’ me
Smokin’, burnin’ rubber, you can’t see me but you smellin’ me

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