Born in Stuttgart, Germany Ray The Ngineer, a business Graduate from Savannah State University was determined and passionate about finding a career in the Entertainment Industry. Di-VerZe ENT began in January 2017 months after encouragement from friends and family and realizing the passion for music was evident.

After playing with Dj equipment twelve hours straight without noticing anything else around him, he realized that he had never witnessed himself in that manner before. Not to mention growing up in New Jersey he perfected the trombone in the band for three years while also rapping outside with friends for fun. While being sympathetic allowing clients to come and record at no charge for over a year, the business began to grow tremendously and clients were spreading the word about the service and affordable prices.

Continuing the business enabled him to pick up different crafts such as Mixing & Mastering Engineer, Dj, Videographer, and Producer. ‘’Di-VerZe ENT isn’t just a business, It’s your Future”. The overall mission is to provide an outstanding path into the complex world of entertainment through professionalism and dedication. Our inspiring artist are taught all the required technical skills and knowledge necessary to become successful in today’s music and entertainment Industry.

Di-verZe ENT uses its services then collaborates with all genres of music and entertainment, making it one of the most versatile entertainment businesses in the Atlanta, Ga area. Our highly trained staff devotes the time and patience necessary to accomplish all goals the artist or entertainer has set for themselves
“If I Have faith that God is leading me, but I do not act or follow, then faith turns to doubt and my inaction leads to death; the death of my faith. And the death of my dream”.