Maryland male supposed into Harvard Law after operative as sanitation worker


Rehan Staton wants to turn a sports representative

(Credit: Rehan Staton/screenshot)

This week a former sanitation workman in Maryland is celebrating his acceptance into Harvard Law School.

According to The Washington Post, notwithstanding carrying a sincerely normal childhood, in new years Rehan Staton went by a array of personal adversities that not usually caused a aria on his family life though also disrupted his education. 

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“Things were flattering good until we was 8 years old. That’s when all went south,” removed Staton.

“My mom deserted my dad, my hermit and we when she changed behind to Sri Lanka. we was substantially too immature to notice some of a things that happened, though we know it was bad. Things usually kept descending on us. My father mislaid his pursuit during one indicate and had to start operative 3 jobs in sequence to yield for us. It got to a indicate where we hardly got to see my father, and a lot of my childhood was really lonely.” 

After countless rotator-cuff injuries and a digestive illness took divided his dreams of apropos a veteran athlete, and getting rejected by each singular college he practical for, a PG County nativehe motionless to start operative during Bates Trucking Trash Removal in Bladensburg, MD to assistance support himself and his family. 

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“The other sanitation workers were a usually people in my life who uplifted me and told me we could be somebody,” Staton pronounced of those days when he was waking adult during 4a.m each day to ride rabble and purify dumpsters.

Fortunately, Brent Bates, whose father owns a company, saw something special in Staton and put him in hold with a highbrow during Bowie State University, who assisted him in appealing his rejecting from a school. 

Once he was given a change and authorised to attend a HBCU, Staton thrived, receiving a 4.0 GPA and going on to turn boss of a series of organizations.

Despite carrying to juggle his job, his studies and several personal adversities including his father’s stroke, he eventually graduated took a pursuit during a Robert Bobb Group, a inhabitant consulting firm. After holding a LSAT and requesting to law school, this past Mar he perceived his acceptance minute to Harvard.

Staton was also supposed to Columbia University, a University of Pennsylvania, Pepperdine Law, and a University of Southern California. When he attends Harvard in a tumble he skeleton to vital in sports law to pursue his dreams of apropos a sports agent. 

“For Rehan, a sky is truly a limit. He is unbreakable,” pronounced Patrick Bobb, Chief Operating Officer during a Robert Bobb Group. “Whatever Rehan chooses to do in his authorised career and beyond, he will really achieve.” 

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