MC Tweet @mctweet_cmb4
Host – “Tweets Tags”
Since childhood, Tweet has been blessed with the ability to make people laugh. Growing up in Decatur, GA and attending college (HBCU) and later serving in the US military, he noticed a common theme through his life. No matter where he went (weddings, parties, events, etc.), he was the entertainment or the “fun” of the party. Without declaring that he would be some form of an entertainer, the path was already set out for him.  While his path to radio was a bit unorthodox, his passion for entertainment has never wavered. 
After sparking a friendship with DJ Ray “The Ngineer”,  they realized they shared similar passion and in 2017 MC Tweet decided to hone in on his knack for laughter and become a co-host on “Di-VerZe Hits” His inspiration comes from giving people laughter, enjoying good music, & talking about real world issues. 
Catch him every Tue/Thur on “Di-VerZe HitZ” @ 6PM 
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